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WARNING! these hard facts and one video show exactly what their "scary conspiracy" is!

This is just the beginning of a Moneyless World, NWO (a one world government) that is an unelected world leadership
This unelected world leadership full of "psychopaths" who will soon decide "everything" for You and about You!
You are then no longer in charge of your OWN BODY, You are then owned by these "sick psychopaths"
It's already visible! You have to put a muzzle on, and You get a ban on all the fun things in your life.

We can stop this!

Read the patent's and View the video here! is not dependent on advertisers so no advertising!

This is an independent search engine with its own database here you can find alternative news websites (Dutch and English) that have been banned and censored by MSM mainstream media, Silicon Valley and EU technocrats!
Our crawler bot scans all links from websites that have useful information for us,(this is an automated process) some of those links on those websites may contain less reliable information, so please use your common sense!

The mission: contribute to saving our freedom by pushing back hard and offering truth-finding without detours.
What you will NOT find here are "pushed troll results" trying to push lies and half-truths down your throat.
This search engine is also NOT for finding web shops, companies or products for this we will set up another search engine later!

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Let your friends find us too!